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8 Smart Reasons to Use Employee Name Badges

Have you ever had a moment where you completely forgot your co-worker’s name? If you were embarrassed then think about how the other person felt. You can try to hide it but after saying “hey man” or “hey you” for the tenth time, it will be painfully obvious that you’ve no inkling of what to call them.

Rest assured that this can happen to anyone. We’re good with faces but not with names and there’s a scientific reason for that.

This wouldn’t have happened if everyone displays employee name badges. But this isn’t the only reason for wearing name tags. Here are some of the benefits of being able to attach a name to the face of those you work with.

1. Halt, Who Goes There?

What if there’s a different reason why you forgot someone’s name? What if the reason is that you truly don’t know that person?

Theft and corporate espionage do happen in real life, not just in the movies. With name badges, you can verify in an instant whether someone is who they say they are. You can also use employee name tags to restrict access to certain areas, information, or equipment.

It’s a simple but effective method to enhance the security of your company.

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2. Build Team Chemistry

It’s hard to start a conversion with someone whom you only know as “guy from accounting” or “miss chews-on-pencils.” And if people aren’t communicating with each other, team chemistry will suffer.

Name tags break down that barrier right away. It’s easier to chat someone up if you can refer to them by name and not just by how you picture them in your head.

As communication becomes better, the chemistry will follow. Stronger engagement between team members equals better performance. This is a win-win for the company.

3. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

“You want to be where everybody knows your name.” That’s a line from the theme song of the TV sitcom “Cheers.” We get a good feeling every time we go to a place that makes us feel welcome.

That’s the effect of corporate badges. Even if they’re just reading the name off of your ID, you get a sense of belongingness within the company.

The name tag with your title on it is also validation that the company recognizes your worth to the company. It can be a source of pride that you’d want to show off to all the people you meet.

4. Strengthen Accountability and Reliability

Wearing an employee badge is something to be proud of but it also comes with the burden of responsibility. It means that you represent the company’s goals, values, and culture.

With the ease of identifying who’s responsible for what, it motivates everyone in the staff to do better at their jobs. Customers and team members can hold you accountable for everything that you do, whether good or bad.

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The use of a name tag system also makes it easy to keep tabs on your workers. You can track their arrivals and work schedule. It serves as a gentle reminder to not slack off during company time.

5. Employee Name Badges Help Promote Your Brand

Corporate badges aren’t just blank squares with the “Hi, My Name is” printed on it. You can think of them as tiny billboards to promote your brand.

Besides the name and the title, you can put your logo and company colors on the name tag. There’s a lot of freedom on what you can put on the badges so that they best represent your identity as a company.

Your employees are required to wear their name badges throughout the whole workday. As they meet with customers or even random people during lunch, they become walking advertisements for your company. It’s a great way to get your logo out there, with little to no extra cost to the business.

6. Keep It Professional

A well-designed employee badge adds a level of professionalism to the office look. Like a police badge or soldier stripes, it gives an aura of respectability.

When customers see the name, position, and logo on the name tag, they’re assured that the employee is a true representative of your company. Your customers will know that your company is organized, a stickler for quality, and means business.

7. Improve Customer Relations

Have you ever walked into a store and tried to get help from another shopper because they’re wearing the same color shirt as the staff? This situation can happen a lot if the business only relies on uniforms to differentiate themselves from customers.

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And when this happens, the client will hesitate to approach someone else for help. They’ll leave empty-handed and discouraged to visit your store again.

With employee name tags, you don’t have to let potential business walk out the door. Customers can easily identify who has the power to help them. You can increase their comfort level and confidence in your company.

Also, name tags are, in one word, fun. Everyone likes them, kids and adults included. They create a friendly atmosphere that can entice your customers to be loyal to your brand.

8. Get Immediate Feedback

Any respectable business would appreciate feedback, whether negative or positive, from their clients. This helps the company fill the holes where needed or to make already good things better.

If a customer wants to raise a concern with someone in your employ, it’s easier to identify a person by name rather than by description. Of course, someone who caused trouble will not willingly expose themselves to be reprimanded or punished.

On the other hand, customers may distinguish an employee for excellent service. Name tags make it convenient for a client to give praise to those who deserve it. The word gets to the management quickly and they can give appropriate rewards to that outstanding individual.

A Small Accessory with Big Impact

There’s no denying that investing a tiny amount for employee name badges is one of the best you can do for your business. In sports, it’s like signing a superstar player on a rookie contract. They’ll have an impact right from the get-go and will continue to do good things for your company.

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