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Novustech Review | How it Works | Register & Buy Coupon Code.

Novustech review | Is Novustech paying? Is Novustech crashed, real, legit or scam. How it works and the minimum withdrawal.

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If you’re reading this Novustech review to find out if Novustech is legit or scam, then you are at the right place.

At the end of this post, you will know how Novustech works and you will find out if Novustech is legit or scam platform.

In this Novustech review, the subtopics we will be treating includes;

Is Novustech legit? Is Novustech still paying? How does Novustech work? Has Novustech crashed? Who is the owner / CEO of Novustech? How does Novustech earn money? How can I buy Novustech coupon code? Is Novustech scam? Novustech registration, Novustech sign up, Novustech login, Novustech minimum withdrawal and more.

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Novustech Review | Is it legit or Scam?

Novustech is an online income program that gives its members the opportunity to learn and earn from their smartphones.

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It was launched on the 25th of September, 2023. In other to become a member, you need to pay a one-time fee of N5,000 (by purchasing a coupon code from a vendor).

As a member of Novustech, you earn N900 for performing simple tasks which I will explain in this article. You also earn an affiliate bonus of N4,000 for each person you refer to join the platform.

Nowadays, as we all know, there is huge money in the internet. It all depends on how we use it.

How does Novustech work?

Novustech is a legit online platform that pays its members N900 daily for sharing sponsored posts daily. This sums up to N27,000 monthly which can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Immediately after you register on this platform, you will receive a bonus of N3000.
The referral bonus is N4,000 for direct Referral. You also earn N300 as first indirect referral bonus. Second indirect referral earns N100.

Apart from earning money daily, you also experience amazing feautuion Novustech such as the ability to market your products on their platform. All these are what you will benefit as a registered member.

Novustech registration | How to register on Novustech

Enough of the long talks, follow the below steps to register and become a member of Novustech.

  1. Firstly, you need to buy a coupon code. This code will be used to register on Novustech.
    The price for the code is N4500 but there is a vendor doing a discount now. Buy the coupon code for only N3900 instead of N5000. You will still receive your N3000 bonus.
  • After buying the coupon code, the vendor will give you a link which you will use to register
  • After clicking the link, you will be redirected to their sign up page
  • Fill up your details on the registration page, such as full names, username, phone number and email address.
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    Thats all. You have created an account

    Novustech login / sign in

    After creating an account, you can login Novustech using the below details

    • Your username/email
    • Your password

    Novustech Coupon Code from vendor

    Novustech Coupon code is used to register on the platform. It is a one-time payment. The coupon code costs N5,000 but there’s this vendor that’s is selling on a discount for N3900 instead of N5000.

    Novustech review | How to make money on Novustech

    There are two main ways you can possibly make money on Novustech

    1. Non affiliate (activities earnings)
    2. Affiliate program (referring / referral)

    1. Non affiliate (activities earnings)

    There are numerous ways of making money for non-affilate earners.

    1. Welcome bonus: N3000. You earn a sum of N3,000 immediately after registration.
    2. Daily survey: N300. You will be given a daily survey on your dashboard. For each survey you do, you will earn N300
    3. Sharing of sponsored posts: N600. You will be paid a sum of N600 for sharing sponsored posts daily.
    4. Daily Tiktok post: N400. By sharing your life on Tiktok, you can earn N400.
    5. Sales bonus: N4000. A salesperson paradise. Novustech offers a N4000 sales bonus to all its members. This is an opportunity to showcase your marketing skills and drive earnings
    6. Welcome bonus: N3000.
    7. Derivative bonus: N300. Novustech introduces a new feature called derivative bonus. N300 is offered in additional earnings
    8. Dervative bonus 2: N3000. An extra N100 bonus awaits you.

    There are two other ways of making money here, which are “60% of all e-books sold” and “earnings through staking and farming”

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    Novustech minimum withdrawal date

    Novustech Referral bonus withdrawal portal opens every tuesdays and fridays. You can withdraw when you have a minimum withdrawal of N20,000. (This is equal to five direct referrals)

    As a non affiliate (activity earner), you can withdraw when you have a minimum of N27,000. The portal will be open on the 2nd of every month.

    How to place withdrawal on Novustech?

    When you have reached the requirements amount and date, follow the below steps to withdraw on Novustech.

      1. Login to your account
      2. Tap on “cash out”
      3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
      4. Fill up the required info and click the withdrawal button.

    You will be credit within 24 hours. Please note that you must reach the required amount before being eligible to place withdrawal.

    Also make sure that your bank names used in the bank info corresponds to the names you used while registering.

    Novustech Features

    1. Multiple benefits to activity earner
    2. Access to their free Novak Mart place
    3. VTU enability for all Novak earners
    4. Opportunity to place sport
    5. Global availability
    6. Advanced 21st century skills
    7. Automated withdrawal mode
    8. Naira and tether mkde of withdrawal

    Who is eligible to register on Novustech?

    Anyone can register on Novustech. Novustech is available to people in Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

    Does Novustech have an app?

    No. Novustech does not have an app.

    Disclaimer was not paid to either promote or demote this platform. This is just a honest reviews based on users’ experiences and my personal research. We are not accountable for your gain or losses.

    Is Novustech legit?

    It is too early to tell if Novustech is legit or scam. However, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

    Is Novustech scam?

    You can not really trust all these platforms. Some of them can make you waste your time and data, then give you nothing in the end.


    In this Novustech review, I have explained everything you need to know about the platform.

    One thing I always advise is that, you should only invest little money that you can afford to lose because you cannot trust this platforms