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Peritia Review | How It Works | Legit or Scam? Register & Buy Coupon Code

Peritia review | Is Peritia paying, crashed, real, legit or scam. How it works and the minimum withdrawal.

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If you’re reading this Peritia review to know if Peritia is legit or scam, then you are at the right place. At the end of this article,you will know how Peritia works and you will find out if Peritia is legit or scam platform. In this Peritia review, I will cover subtopics such as; Is Peritia legit? Is Peritia still paying? How does Peritia work? Has Peritia crashed? Who is the owner / CEO of Peritia? Is Peritia scam? Peritia registration, Peritia sign up, Peritia login, Peritia minimum withdrawal and more. You can use our “Table of contents” to navigate through.

Peritia Review

Peritia is a top income earning program on board now. The platform was launched on the 24th of March, 2024. This peritia income program is available to not only Nigerians but also people in some African countries such as Ghana, Cameroon etc. The registration fee on peritia is $5, which is N5,000 for Nigerians, 100GHC for Ghanaians, and 5000XAF for Cameroonians.
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$1 is equivalent to N1,000 on peritia. After registration, you will be automatically given a welcome bonus of $3

In this peritia review, I will be giving you full details on how peritia works and how to make money on peritia. Peritia offers different earning plans such as tasks, challenges and affiliate bonuses. Asides earning on this platform, you can also learn digital marketing skills for free once you become a member of Peritia.

is Peritia legit or scam? How does Peritia work?

Peritia income program provides easy ways to make money comfortably from your homes. You can make money on peritia by participating in the PRT earnings, sales spillovers. I will explain each of this as you continue reading this article. In this economic situation in Nigeria and other African countries, one does not need to depend on only one source of income. You can use your spare money to invest and make more money in peritia income program. To become a member, all you need to do is to purchase a Peritia coupon code from any of the vendors. The coupon code is sold for N5,000 ($5). A vendor is running a discount now! You can get the code from him for as low as N4,000. Hurry while the discount lasts. Click the link below to message the peritia coupon code vendor on WhatsApp. After purchasing the code, you will need to complete your registration. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register on peritia income program.

Peritia Sign Up, registration | How to register on peritia

Follow the steps below to register or create an account on peritia.
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  1. Buy a coupon code from any verified Peritia coupon code vendor. The code costs N5,000 ($5). You can buy this coupon code on a discount now. Click the link below to buy the code for N4,000 instead of N5,000
  2. After getting the coupon code, click on the registration link given to you by the vendor
  3. Fill up your details on the registration page such as your email address, full names , password and the coupon code
  4. click on submit after filling your details
You are now a registered member. Now, the next thing is how to earn from Peritia.

Peritia Review | How to earn / make money on peritia income program

There are mainly two ways of making money on peritia. These are:-
  • By performing tasks
  • By affiliate bonus (referring people)

By performing tasks

You can make money on peritia by performing simple tasks such as:-
  • Welcome bonus:- N3,000 ($3) You will earn a sum of N3,000 immediately after you register. You don’t have to perform any task for this.
  • PRT task:- N1,000 ($1) You will earn $1 for completing your PRT task every day. Check your dashboard for the task
  • Tiktok challenge:- $4. You can earn up to $4 daily for participating in the daily Tiktok challenge
  • Instagram challenge:- $10 You can earn up to $10 weekly for participating in the Instagram challenge.
  • Promotion of ebook:- You can promote/publish an ebook on peritia and ear up to 60% commission

By affiliate bonus (referring people)

In peritia, referring people to join the platform is not compulsory but you will definitely earn alot more if you do. Below are the various ways you can earn by affiliate bonus on peritia.
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  • Affiliate bonus:- $4.1 (N4,100) Whenever someone registers on peritia using your referral link, you will earn this amount.
  • 1st Indirect referral bonus:- $0.2 (N200) 1st indirect referral means when someone registers under any of your referrals.
  • 2nd indirect bonus:- $0.1 (N100) This is the amount you will earn on every 2nd indirect referral
  • Overturn spills after reaching 50 indirect referrals:- $1 (N1,000)

Peritia minimum withdrawal

You can withdraw your earnings on peritia through local bank or USDT. The minimum withdrawal amount for affiliate earners is $8 (N8,000) while the minimum withdrawal amount for PRT task warmer is $35. The withdrawal portal opens every Sunday and Monday from 12pm till 2pm.

Disclaimer was not paid to either promote or demote this platform. This is just a honest reviews based on users’ experiences and my personal research. We are not accountable for your gain or losses.

Is Peritia legit?

It is too early to tell if Peritia is legit or scam. However, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Is Peritia scam?

You can not really trust all these platforms. Some of them can make you waste your time and data, then give you nothing in the end.


In this Peritia review, I have explained everything you need to know about the platform. One thing I always advise is that, you should only invest little money that you can afford to lose because you cannot trust this platforms. Have you registered? Have you gotten paid? Share your experience with us using the comment section below. We approve and reply to comments withing 10 minutes.

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