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Why Your Business Needs Hosted PBX

As a business owner, you need to make sure that your customers can reach you at any time. You also want to make sure that your privacy is protected by not having everyone call your cell phone.

That’s one of the reasons why you’d turn to a PBX phone system. You have a professional phone system that handles all of your telecommunications needs.

Want to know more about what a PBX is and why you should consider a hosted PBX? Keep reading to find out.

What is PBX?

The big question at hand is what is a PBX? It stands for private business exchange. It’s a voice-over IP system that allows large and small organizations to have multiple phone lines without having to install a landline for every employee.

When you use a PBX, you are using the internet networks for voice communication as opposed to traditional landlines.

Reasons to Have a PBX

PBX has become a major business telecommunications tool. With this type of system, you can do many things that you wouldn’t be able to do with a standard landline system.

For example, if you have someone sending a fax, the PBX can direct it to the right number without you having to install a dedicated fax line.

You can also have a dial-by-name directory, which can be great for your customers and vendors who have a specific person they want to reach.

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It’s also easy to set up and operate, which give your staff flexibility to forward calls and transfer calls. It’s a better system for you and your customers.

Benefits of Having a Hosted PBX

Now that you know why you need to have a PBX at your business, you have one more decision to make. That’s how your PBX will be hosted.

Remember, a PBX system works like a website because you have information running across a network. That means that you can opt to have your PBX hosted in the cloud with a third-party provider or have it hosted on your premises.

There are a number of advantages to having your PBX hosted in the cloud. These are the top reasons you should consider.

1. Cost Effective

If you were to host your own PBX on your premises, you would need to make a big investment. You would need to invest in servers to operate the network in-house.

You’d also need to make room in your office for those servers. The more lines you have or plan to have, the more space you’d need.

You’ll also need to hire staff to manage and maintain those networks. There are hiring costs and not to mention the wrong hire would cost your business big time.

Looking at a hosted PBX, you can eliminate those concerns. You have another company managing the servers, they already made the infrastructure investments in servers, and they have the staff in place to maintain them. You just pay them a fee to host the PBX.

2. Better for Your Sales Team and Remote Workers

A hosted PBX allows every member of your team to have access to the network, no matter where they are. This is great news for remote teams and sales teams that are on the road all of the time.

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The alternative is to have them use their cell phones to accept and receive calls. That can cause confusion for your customers and vendors, especially when there are different area codes and

They won’t know who they’re calling and what time zone they’re in. Instead, you can have your customers call one number with the proper extension. That gives your business a more professional look and feel, too.

3. Easy to Scale with Your Business

Are you worried that your business fluctuates too much and you’re going to wind up with too many unused phone lines?

That’s often a concern for many seasonal businesses. They may have a full staff during the holidays, but the summers are slow and it’s the perfect time for people to be on vacation.

That would be a big concern if you have to commit to having traditional landlines in your office. With a PBX system, it’s very easy to add and eliminate phone lines or transfer them to another employee.

It’s a great solution for small businesses that know that they’re going to grow quickly. You can scale your phone lines up as you add more people to your staff.

4. Reliable

Reliability and excellent communication are the hallmarks of the customer experience. Without those two things, your customers will leave your company and go to your competitor.

With a PBX system hosted on your premises, you’re really leaving the reliable communications piece to chance. If something goes wrong or if the power goes out, your phone lines go out with it.

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A hosted PBX solution will keep the lines of communication open no matter what is happening at your office.

5. Updates Happen Automatically

When you have the PBX hosted on your premises, you’re ultimately responsible for installing any software updates. Failure to do so will result in the entire system becoming unstable.

Not only that, not updating your software could result in a vulnerable system that hackers could exploit. That can mean you have a lot of unwanted users and outbound calls on your network.

A hosted PBX takes care of these updates and offers the latest security patches to make sure that your system is always running smoothly.

Hosted PBX for Your Business

In the business world, swift communication is often the difference between thriving companies and struggling ones.

You can’t afford to leave your business communications to chance. That’s why a hosted PBX solution makes sense. You can adjust it with your business, it’s reliable, and incredibly cost effective. It’s really a no-brainer for a business of any size.

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