5 Modern Business Cards That Aren\’t So 2000 and Late

If you gotta get that, you can’t have business cards that don’t have that boom boom pow! If modern business cards are your thing, here are 5 that are future-approved.

Business cards might seem like an archaic and boring thing to have. But it’s surprising how important business cards actually are.

You might think that online marketing via social media and search engines is enough. But, despite all this modern tech, there are over 27 million business cards printed each day.

Business cards are a great way to leave a good first impression on any potential client. If you’re looking for the best modern business cards, look no further!

Modern Business Cards That Make a Great Impression

You should be flaunting your business at every turn. Shameless self-promotion is the best way to get your name out there and start making some bank!

One of the most effective marketing tools you can use is business cards. It’s especially important to make ones which have a touch of personality in them. They don’t have to cost much and they’re awesome marketing tools.

If you’re trying to find inspiration for the best business card designs, here’s 5 that are future proof!

1. Comic Book Themed Cards

This business card is by a company called Applied Comics, and the card mimics a comic book design!

It’s perfect as it catches the eye, and it fits the theme of a comic book. The business is all about comic book designs for other forms of advertising or brochures.

It’s niche enough to not seem cheesy or tacky, and the minimalist design keeps it clean and easy to read.

2. Bike Tool Cards

One crafty business by the name of Broke Bike Alley has adopted a very clever design. They have created a card-sized bike tool which fits right in your pocket.

This way, people will use it to fix their bikes and it will remind them of the bike servicing business. It has all their business information on it and it’s super useful! Genius!

3. Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are great for getting creative with your marketing techniques.

Plastic can be unique to your brand with whatever prints you want. A designer Dario Moneti’s cards feature a face on a transparent card. With this, you can hold up to someone’s face from afar and enjoy a cartoon he has designed!

Fun cards are always the way forward, and plastic will last much longer than a paper or card business card.

4. Temporary Tattoo Cards

Tattoo store Tatumi made their business card into a temporary tattoo!

What better way to spread the word than by having your business tattooed onto people? It’s perfect for the brand and it’s a unique, original idea which is bound to impress.

5. Plantable Seed Cards

There are companies selling plant-based products with creative business card ideas.

A great design idea which fits with the brand is cards which are actually packets. Inside these packets are seeds which you can plant and watch grow!

It’s a great, on-brand way to get your information out there and gives you something that will last.

Modern Business Cards Like These Will Take Your Business from 0 to 100

Choosing which kinds of business cards doesn’t have to be dull. With the right ideas, these kinds of modern business cards can make your business shine.

Keep it relevant, fun and memorable. These are the key to a good business card. You want them to fit in a pocket or wallet with ease so that they will be seen on a regular basis.

Most of all, have fun with it!

I hope this article helps.