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LuxeGold Review | How it works | Register & Buy Coupon Code (Discount)

Luxegold review | Is Luxegold paying, crashed, real, legit or scam. How it works and the minimum withdrawal.

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If you’re reading this Luxegold review to know if Luxegold is legit or scam, then you are at the right place. At the end of this article,you will know how Luxegold works and you will find out if Luxegold is legit or scam platform. In this Luxegold review, I will cover subtopics such as; Is Luxegold legit? Is Luxegold still paying? How does Luxegold work? Has Luxegold crashed? Who is the owner / CEO of Luxegold? Is Luxegold scam? Luxegold registration, Luxegold sign up, Luxegold login, Luxegold minimum withdrawal and more. You can use our “Table of contents” to navigate through. Luxegold is an social media monetization and affiliate platform that was launched on the 1st of October, 2023. It pays its members in dollars. People who are in Nigeria,Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa and Zambia are eligible to participate in this income program.
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In luxegold, there are four ways you can make money as a non-affiliate (that is, without referring anybody). There are many platforms that claim to be legit but at the end of the day,they crash. This is why we give you quality review on income programs so that you know exactly which one of them to join. In Nigeria today, and in other African countries, people are looking for side hustles online to make money. Luxegold can be a side hustle to earn some extra bucks.

About Luxegold | How it works

Luxegold is an income program that pays you for daily tasks, for sharing of sponsored posts, for anonymous chats and gold exchange. You can earn up to N1,000 daily for only performing daily tasks without having any referral. Based on reports, you can also earn up to 10k on other daily tasks. Referring people is not compulsory on luxegold but they have a lucrative affiliate program. For each people you refer directly to join luxegold, you earn N4,000. This is one of the biggest affiliate bonus you will find in recent times. Asides this direct referral bonus, you will earn indirect bonuses if N300 and N100. Asides this, you can also learn on luxegold, use your earnings and play games, win real cash and incentives.

Luxegold registration | How to register on luxegold

The registration process in luxegold is easy. Follow the steps below to register and start earning massively!
  1. The first thing to do is to buy a coupon code from a vendor. This coupon code will be used to register on luxegold. The coupon code costs N5,000 but there’s a vendor selling for N4,000 (on a N1,000 discount). Contact him below.
  2. After buying the code, the vendor will give you a code and a link which will be used to register
  3. Click the registration link and fill up your details, including your full names, username, email address and the coupon code.
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That’s all. You can now Login

Luxegold login / sign in

After Registration, you can now login using either your username or email address and your password.

How it works | How to earn money on Luxegold

There are two main ways you can make money on Luxegold. These are
  1. By performing daily tasks
  2. By referring people (As an affiliate)

1. By performing daily tasks

To earn money on Luxegold, all you need to do is to login everyday and perform the tasks given to you. This task could be any social media task such as sharing sponsored post,or anonymous chats. You can earn up to N1,000 daily by only performing daily tasks. Some sources claim that you can even earn upto N10k. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like the idea of referring someone, this platform is the best fit for you because you can earn alot even without referring anybody.

2. By referring people (As an affiliate)

Referring people is one way to earn massively on any income program, and luxegold offers a great deal on referral bonuses. There are three tiers of referral bonus on Luxegold. These are:-
  • Direct Referral:- N4000 You earn N4,000 when you refer someone to join luxegold using your referral found in your account dashboard.
  • 1st indirect Referral:- N300 Also, you will earn N300 when someone registers using the referral link of any of the people you referred
  • 2nd indirect Referral:- N100 You earn N100 when someone registers under any of your second downliners
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Amazing offers, right?

Luxegold Minimum withdrawal amount and date

Luxegold Referral bonus can be withdrawn every Wednesdays and Sundays as long as you have a minimum of N10,000 referral bonus. For those that do not refer, you can withdraw your daily earnings on the 25th of every month as long as you have a minimum of N35,000.


Claywallet was not paid to either promote or demote this platform. This is just a honest reviews based on users’ experiences and my personal research. We are not accountable for your gain or losses.

Is Luxegold legit?

It is too early to tell if Luxegold is legit or scam. However, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Is Luxegold scam?

You can not really trust all these platforms. Some of them can make you waste your time and data, then give you nothing in the end.


In this Luxegold review, I have explained everything you need to know about the platform. One thing I always advise is that, you should only invest little money that you can afford to lose because you cannot trust this platforms.

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